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A Protocol for MIT Admissions Essays MIT Admissions A college essay about one teen's drive to explore life — as well as her deep and abiding love for Costco — has won over admissions counselors at six of the most prestious schools in the U. Brittany Stinson, an 18-year-old senior at Concord Hh School in Wilmington, Delaware, found out last week that she got into five Ivy League universities — Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and Cornell — as well as the similarly competitive Stanford. Stinson, the only child of Terry and Joe Stinson, neither of whom are Ivy League nor Stanford graduates themselves, wants to be a doctor, and her mother says she has always been a strong student. In other words, MIT wants to see from your application that you. which we read recently in 7.02 Introduction to Experimental Biology and Communication. I'm going to read about sculpting, then write my admissions essay.

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Order Custom Writing at For the past two terms I have studied at the Central New Hampshire University and did everything I could to both excel in my studies and take part in a number of extracurricular activities dealing with my interests in biology. Without having any low opinions about the higher educational institution attended by me, I, nevertheless, understood that my growing interest in biology cannot be satisfied there and, if I am going to pursue any career connected with this field of science in future, I have to learn it elsewhere. I made it my goal to find an institution that would meet all the requirements of my academic aspirations. I have long ago started to receive very high evaluations of both academic process and research facilities in the University of North Carolina. In particular, I am interested in the university’s school of Paleobotany, which seems to be just what I need to further pursue my aspirations in studying this particular field of biology. I hope that the attention that the University pays to undergraduate research programs will assist in broadening and deepening of my understanding of biology and the sciences dependent on it. I have always been fascinated by all the possibilities that research of fossilized plants and other remains of the past epochs can offer us, and to do it personally, under the direction of talented and highly experienced scientists will surely help me to further improve my research skills and knowledge of this subject. I am particularly interested in James Oldfield’s research on the Triassic ferns, but I have also heard about numerous other projects that are carried out there and I would be very eager to at least observe them. I have already spent some time working in Moondale Laboratory in Kansas, which made me even more eager to devote my life to biology. In future I plan to get the Bachelor’s degree and, hopefully, go on to receiving a Ph D in this area. In the course of years, my interest in biology grew steadily, and it is already quite a long time since I decided to pursue a career in this field. I participated in a number of activities connected with it, such as Paleontology Club. I think that my enthusiasm, knowledge of the subject and experience of work in this field will help me become a valuable asset for the University. In order to find out how to write admission essay – view our Admission essay section. If you want to get better idea of what the peculiarities of writing in this subject field are, feel free to consult our Natural sciences section. I believe that your work is exceptional and I hy appreciate your assistance in writing my essay. Now it will certainly meet the expectations of my professor!

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First-Year Students Admissions Requirements University of Delaware - Competition and predation are two key factors that affect the stability of an ecosystem, such as a lake. There are three theories on the affects of competition. Competition may lead to competitive exclusion, stable coexistence, or niche differentiation. It has been shown that in marine environments, species are strong competitors for both light and nutrients and thus competition leads only to competitive exclusion (Passarge et al. The competitive exclusion principle states that if two species compete for the same resource in the same location, then one of those species will go extinct because one species will be the better competitor (Jenson 2010).... [tags: ecology] - The mistake of culture as timeless, knowledge as data Take a walk down Bourke’s main street and about midway, on the northern side, you will see a panoramic mural spanning the roofline of a simple brick building. At one end there is a panel devoted to Aboriginal life and Dreaming before colonisation, while the rest of the panels show a sequence of white exploration, pioneer settlement, a changing pastoral industry, reminders of historic floods, and a modern outback town.... [tags: Ecology] - Maryland is the 42nd largest state, making it one of the smaller states in America. It is located in the South Atlantic region on the United States eastern seaboard. The state is home to a variety of different ecosystems. Prince George's is one of twenty four counties in Maryland. This is also true of Maryland’s environment, which has the Atlantic Ocean on the coast, mountains, and forest land. My paper will focus on Prince George’s county and the state of Maryland.... [tags: Ecology ] - Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) are marine mammals capable of spending their entire lives in water. Being carnivorous in nature, they feed on sea urchins, crabs, fishes, mussels and clams. They are referred to as keystone species due to their profound impact on marine ecology. The interaction between sea otters, sea urchins and kelp forests has been studied as a model of the impact of predator-prey interaction on community ecology. Sea otters are keystone predators, whose presence has a far-reaching influence on the marine food web by affecting the population of sea urchins in particular, and kelp forests & other marine organisms in general.... [tags: Ecology ] - Introduction Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) are marine mammals capable of spending their entire lives in water. Being carnivorous in nature, they feed on sea urchins, crabs, fishes, mussels and clams. They are referred to as keystone species due to their profound impact on marine ecology. The interaction between sea otters, sea urchins and kelp forests has been studied as a model for the impact of predator-prey interactions on community ecology.... [tags: Ecology ] - All three theories by Heidegger, Bookchin, and Naess are based on the normative assumption: humans perceived themselves as being distinct from a world that unites both humans and non-humans. To better understand the distinguishments that each author makes in his theory, I will reconstruct each of their assumption. After that, we will explore the rational fashioning of integrative ways and the problems that it raises. In conclusion, there may be a reiteration of the assumption in our effort to act ethically according to the ecosystem.... [tags: Social Ecology] - The ongoing alteration of ecosystems through human activity (IPCC 2007) endangers vitally important resources and leads to the rapid extinction of species world wide. Research is needed to assess the ecological impacts and consequences of this change, but for large parts of the world detailed species inventories are difficult – if not impossible – to obtain. Attempts to protect individual organisms (Gibson et al. 2003) therefore increasingly depend on ecological modeling techniques.... [tags: Ecology ] - Organization-environment relations depict certain areas of UCSB in their entirety in which two of those theories include population ecology and neoinstitutional theory. Population ecology and neoinstitutional theory looks at UCSB in divergent perspectives: population ecology studies organizations if they are a living or dying species whereas neoinstitutional theory highlights the organization’s importance as an establishment to its field of expertise. With this, I am going to compare both, population ecology and neoinstitutional theory, in relation to the University of California – Santa Barbara.... [tags: Environment, Ecology] - Organization-environment relations depict certain areas of UCSB in their entirety in which two of those theories include population ecology and neoinstitutional theory. Population ecology and neoinstitutional theory looks at UCSB in divergent perspectives: population ecology looks at UCSB as a living or dying species whereas neoinstitutional theory highlights UCSB’s importance as an establishment to its field of education. With this, I am going to compare both, population ecology and neoinstitutional theory, in relation to the University of California – Santa Barbara.... [tags: Environment, Ecology] - Bioerosion and Reef Ecology The breakdown of calcareous substrates among coral reefs, or bioerosion, is a facet of reef ecology too often forgotten. The process plays a much more important role than it is usually credited with. Bioeroding species, consisting of many different types of organisms that act on the environment in a seemingly endless variety of ways, interact with the ecosystem and with each other as part of the reef growth and degradation cycle. The degradation portion of this cycle, the part that is most often overlooked, is essential for the development of reefs as the diverse and beautiful habitats that we know them as.... [tags: Bioeroding Ecosystem Ecology Essays] - The Brazos River emerges at the convergence of Double Mountain Fork and Salt Fork near the east boundary of Stonewall County. It runs 840 miles through Texas to its mouth on the Gulf of Mexico (The Official Website of the State of Texas, n.d). It is the longest river in Texas, and it has the greatest discharge. There are several watersheds along its course as shown on the map above. I am going to deal with the Bosque River Watershed. [tags: Ecology ] - Design, Ecology, and Ethics “We need to design institutions (and cars and homes and toothbrushes, etc.) that make it easy for people to be good.” (Jim Farrell) Right now, if someone in America wants to be good to the earth and good to future generations, it’s hard. In the suburbs, to get to work and practice and the store and back home again on a schedule without a car is tricky if not impossible. To think about how and where and by whom nearly 100% of products in Target are made is to most certainly become ashamed.... [tags: Environment Ecology Essays Papers] - The Importance of Cooking in Ecology of a Cracker Childhood Janisse Ray wrote the book, "Ecology of a Cracker Childhood." In the story, the author describes how she grew up, the influences that her family history, culture, and nature had on her, and how she is an individual as well as part of a whole. The memory that I believe gives a very personal insight into the author's identity details her mother's down home, southern cooking and the imprints, that her cooking impressed on her.... [tags: Ecology Cracker Childhood] - In this article, authors William Ripple and Robert Beschta focus on the issue of predation and the way it affects biodiversity and otherwise alters ecosystems. While many other studies have stressed the lethal effects of predation by carnivores, the authors of this study have chosen to focus on how nonlethal outcomes of predation affect the structure and function of ecosystems. The reason why they are important to everything on Earth because they hold and shape all organisms that live within them. [tags: Ecology] - Ecology, or in Greek translation "study home", is the study of the interactions of organisms between it's enviornment. Without organisms animals, plants, and everything that we know would never be able to survive. If ecology wasn't organized and delicate, the system wouldn't be the same to the environment or to the organisms that are and were here today.... [tags: environmental science] - When asked to consider the term ecology I have to look at what that word is defined as being. The dictionary defines it as, “The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings” (online dictionary, 2013). This is a very short definition for something that is comprised of so much once you start thinking about how many things affect an organisms physical surroundings. For this, I will be focusing on energy and chemical cycles, community structure, biodiversity and succession, and how all of these items are a part of ecology.... [tags: energy & chemical cycles, community structures] - The Lord of the Rings has many themes throughout its three books, but the one theme that I find to be most prevalent is that of ecology. Nature is, if not the strongest, then one of the strongest images Tolkien uses in The Lord of the Rings, he shows us a world that he calls “green and good” and we see the people of Middle-Earth fighting to save this world. In this paper we will be looking at one of these books; The Two Towers. Also we will be looking at the film version directed by Peter Jackson.... [tags: Literary Themes] - The meaning of Ecology is the connection that exists between living organisms and their environment. From the largest animal on Earth to the smallest, they all share our world with us. The ecosystem is connected by the flow of matter and energy and as organisms eat and dispose of matter it supplies them to sustain life. Across the planet various densities of uneven configurations accumulate minerals and nutrients. For example “Energy necessary for all life processes reaches the earth in the form of sunlight.... [tags: environment, ecosystem, organisms, energy] - ... The revolving nose piece holds two or more objective lenses with different objective power. Many microscopes have Diaphragm or Iris control the intensity and size of light. All these parts in microscope help observe the specimen. Pond Ecology is the interaction of life in pond with environment. Pond have low oxygen levels, little animal life, and lack of food supply. A pond contains mostly water, few nutrients, and less aquatic life. [tags: electron microscope, environment] - There are many, different oppressions throughout human society that are intricately woven together and interconnected. Many of these oppressions are formed within a patriarchal, Christian theology and involve the body: the body of Earth, the bodies of women, the body of animals. Sallie Mc Fague sets up a model of bodies to help break these connected oppressions. Mc Fague’s work emphasizes that the body and its oppressions are what connects Christian theology, feminism, and ecology. Her model focuses on the metaphorical idea that the body of the earth is the body of God (Mc Fague, 1993).... [tags: Ecofeminism] - “Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness, ultimately, is spiritual awareness” - Fritjof Capra “Deep ecology” as a concept has grown since 1973, when it was propounded for the first time by Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher remarkably influenced by Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’. The Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, often referred to as the framework convention because it was the original effort to protect the ozone layer, was established in 1985 and entered effect on . The concept has since then enriched and is also responsible for having split environmental movements across the globe. In 2009, the Vienna Convention became the first Convention of any kind to achieve universal acceptance.... This division has also been the cause of dichotomy in the approaches towards understanding ecology.... How is income distributed through societies, both gender and location wise. [tags: vienna convention, globalization] - Ecology of Giraffa camelopardalis Made popular by their long necks and distinctive camouflage coats, giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world. Their incredible body gives them a very specific niche within the ecology of African savannahs and the Sahara desert. This essay will focus on the ecology of these non-territorial herbivores, primarily focusing different factors that affect giraffe herbivory including location, sex, and age; next, it will focus on the predator-prey relationships seen at waterholes in African savannahs between lions and large-mammalian prey like giraffes; and finally, it will concentrate on the competition, or lack thereof, that may influence giraffe charac... [tags: african savannahs, desserts, south africa] - Evolution, Ecology, Becoming Plastic Creativity and a World of Our Creation The mind/brain relationship, with its various iterations and contexts, is fraught with the idea of that precipice between the two, ideas which seek to define the boundary of the mind from the boundary of the brain. The sanctity of these definitional boundaries is brought to question by political scientists and philosophers alike; drawing on theories of neuroscience and evolution in order to re-address them for use in new and creative directions.... [tags: Plastic Creativity, World of Creation] - Introduction Social ecology is the conceptual principles for knowing the outcomes and relations of the many diverse individual and environmental factors. Social ecology is defined as the study of people within an environment, which have influence on one another. It’s believed to be the earth’s societies reflection upon itself, exploring, discovering, and considering its future (Gutkind, 1974). Factors of social ecology may include the infirmities of age, an increase of population, natural disasters, technology and the growth of society.... [tags: Environment ] - Everyone, hello and welcome to the Human Ecology course. Not sure about the rest of the class, but I am excited to take this course. Only in college can you pick your own science classes that spark an interest or intriguing thought – just wish high school was this way. This is the last science class that I need for my education plan; currently going for a bachelor’s degree in sports and health science. Looking forward to the next eight weeks and I wish everyone the best of luck with there studies.... [tags: FEMA, hurricane Sandy, environment, aid] - Population regulation is a basic process related to most phenomena in ecology: regulation arises as a result of potentially stabilizing density-dependent processes, even when brought about by non-equilibrium mechanisms (Murdoch, 1994). Specifically, populations that exhibit exponential growth eventually succumb to the limitations brought about by the environment. As a population’s density changes, a naturally-occurring series of interactions which are environmentally controlled form between members of the population, thus regulating the population size.... [tags: Growth, Development] - If there was ever a culture that truly cared for the Earth, it was that of Buddhism. Buddhism itself is often known for commitment to World ecology. This is explored in the essay, Relational Holism, by David Landis Barnhill, in the book, Deep Ecology and World Religions. The subject of holism is brought to us many times and often acknowledgement of critical views is used to help convey the information. This is what some people say when the read the news about haze, deforestation, extinction of flora and fauna and global warming. basically turns a computer into an atlas(Kennedy 1). Beginning with a strong statement by Barnhill, “Critics of deep ecology have often attacked its holistic views of self and cosmology.... They blame modern technology, the materials and ideas developed in the last century to assist humans in their activities, for the deterioration of ecology. With all this information available, how can it help the field of agriculture.... [tags: essays research papers] - The Application of Fractal Geometry to Ecology Abstract New insights into the natural world are just a few of the results from the use of fractal geometry. The ecological cycle has been very much disturbed by the developments humankind have achieved.... uses computers to store, analyze, and show data collected about a given topic(Kennedy 1), (Zimmerman 5-9, 73-91). [tags: Agricultural Environment Farm Essays Papers] - Ecology An organism has several ways to avoid being prated upon. Crypis is the action of organisms avoiding predation by blending in with their backgrounds and matching the color pattern of a bark, twigs or leaves. Examples from population and landscape ecology are used to illustrate the usefulness of fractal geometry to the field of ecology. [tags: essays research papers] - In the original Greek "oikos" means, "house". Palatable animals often utilize this strategy as well. The advent of the computer age played an important role in the development and acceptance of fractal geometry as a valid new discipline. So ecology is "the study of the house" the place where you live, or the environment which technically includes all those factors, both nonliving and living, that affect an organism. Another type of defense is aposematism or warning coloratio. New insights gained from the application of fractal geometry to ecology include: understanding the importance of spatial and temporal scales; the relationship between landscape structure and movement pathways; an increased understanding of landscape structures; and the abil... Ecology then is the study of the interactions of organisms in their environment includes both the living (biotic) and physical (abiotic) factors of the environment. Organisms that produce noxious chemicals or accumalate them from food plants, advertise the fact that they are harmful with conspicous color patterns.... It's also the science, which formulates and tests hypotheses about environment.... in Agriculture and Ecology Geographic Information Systems (G. S.) is one of the fastest growing technologies today. [tags: Papers] - Daniel Defoe wrote his fictional novel Robinson Crusoe during the 18th century, a time of colonization, and the British agricultural revolution. [tags: essays research papers] - Applications of G. This field covers anything and everything that can be mapped, anything from weeds to urban sprawl, if it can be mapped, G. In the novel Robinson Crusoe desires civilization and comforts during his years on the island, so much that he alters the ecology of the fictional “island” in order to fulfill his craving. Consequently, Robinson Crusoe changes the ecology of the island, with the introduction of invasive species, European crops, and enclosures. Crusoe uses the practices of the British agricultural revolution to colonize the island, and to better his life during his stay.... [tags: Robinson Crusoe Essays] - Ecology is defined as the interconnections between human and nonhuman beings. The theme of ecology is commonly found in American literature. Such is the case of the memoir “Black Elk Speaks” written in 1932. “Black Elk Speaks” tells the story of a member of the Sioux tribe and a relative of Crazy Horse, named Black Elk. Black Elk was a witness to the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876. Throughout this memoir, Black Elk narrates the horrors he witnessed happening during what was not meant to be a battle.... [tags: interconnections between human & nonhuman beings] - Fire Ecology of Australian Eucalypts Eucalypts belong to the myrtle family (Myrtaceae), which are evergreen ‘tropical’ rainforest trees (Bowman 2000). Three genera are considered eucalypts: Eucalyptus, Angophora, and Corymbia. Roughly 600 species of eucalypts exist today, and nearly all are endemic to Australia (au). Although eucalypts began as members of the rainforest, the pressures of poor soil, increasing aridity and most importantly recurrent fires pushed them out of the rainforests and on to become the dominant species in a harsh land.... It is known fact that global warming is occurring and that the temperate amphibian population is diminishing. [tags: Geology Nature Essays] - The article I chose was Linking global warming to amphibian declines through its effects of on the female body condition and survivorship. The main topic of the article was a study conducted to determine if global warming had any effects on the steadily declining temperate amphibian population.... This Article came from the Global Change and Conservation Ecology Scientific journal and was published in 2006. [tags: amphibians, warming, temperature] - How the Patient can see it. In this excerpt from “The Ecology of a Cracker Childhood”, Ray’s father writes to her when she asked of him to speak about his experience as a person who dealt with his own mental illness. “Mental illness, or nervous breakdown as some call it, is nothing to be afraid of, or to put it in better perspective, nothing to live in fear of. Natural death comes in stages – stage one gets you ready for stage two and so on until the coma.... [tags: patients, mental disorder, death] - Ecology in Context Vast arrays of environmental problems are now affecting the world. With the enclosure of more green spaces, global warming, and the extinction of animals, mankind seems intent on destroying any hope of leaving the world intact for future generations. If the world has any hope of survival we need desperately to begin to think more about ecology in order to make changes and save the world from certain destruction. Our usual understanding of the word ecology is that it advocates for the preservation of nature, but it actually comes from the Greek word “oikos” meaning house.... [tags: essays research papers fc] - Through this portion of class readings and discussions, we have sought deeper meaning and understanding of philosophies of individuals and organizations that revolve around the fundamental aspects and notions of deep ecology and eco-activism. These associations offer more views and attitudes on how an individual and society can create and maintain a kinship and positive influence with the natural environment. Like deep ecologist’s view on the metaphysical relationship of man and nature. Eco-activist’s contend to a belief of “ecology as religion”(Kinsley 193).... [tags: essays research papers] - All biological lives need a supply of external energy. Most Plants are capable of photosynthesis, some bacteria employ natural sources of chemical energy. Many other organisms require different types of energy to grow. Beyond this biological need of humanity, technologically advance societies have increasingly weaken in their dependence on external energy for production of many manufactured goods. Where this technological advancement is a wonderful convenience of modern life in particular, there it allows people to live under a diverse condition of climate, in general.... [tags: Ecology ] - Although the colonial history of New England has been thoroughly researched and taught across all levels of educational institutes across the United States, the study of its environmental history often takes a backseat to America’s complex and enthralling social and political history. This trend has been abating in recent decades, given that more Americans have taken an interest in their environment and conservation, and in response to this new demand the field of environmental history was initiated by historians like William Cronon, who explores the changes in the New England environment under the stewardship of Native Americans and European colonist in Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonis... [tags: Ecology] - Throughout history in North America, the indigenous peoples culture, tradition and religion have always differed from the western way of life. First, I will talk about the indigenous people’s view of the conservation of resources which can also be termed as the traditional ecological knowledge and the economist view of natural resources. Second, I will argue in this essay that by thinking of resources from the traditional ecological point of view, we can better understand why conserving our natural resources is important.... [tags: Ecology ] - Deep Ecology/Ecosophy The ideas behind deep ecology have major implications today. They allow people to think more profoundly about the environment and possibly come to a better understanding of their own meaning. People are intensely concerned about the world’s technological adolescence, massive consumerism, and overpopulation. A man named Arne Naess, former head of the philosophy department at the University of Oslo founded an idea that can direct people’s anxiety away from their "shallow" notion of the problem to one that is much "deeper." "Deep ecology goes beyond the limited piecemeal shallow approach to environmental problems and att... [tags: essays research papers] - It was at a young age that I fell in love with the ocean and the splendor of its biodiversity. It was when I gazed upon the magnificent blue waters of the world that I found my passion. At this young age, I decided that I would pursue a path that involved helping endangered marine organisms. Many conclude that I speak of the more common marine animals, such as dolphins and whales. My passion lies with the “Rainforests of the Sea”, the coral reefs. Coral reefs are the most diverse and biologically richest of all marine ecosystems.... [tags: Ecology ] - Personal Ecology A deep desire to cry. The hanging, haunting chant of Gordon Comes at Night, waves of sweat crystallizing on the skin, loosened joints, unfolded from the lodge into the cold night air. Reach inside for a voice, a meaning, the distance between the earth and the moon in its fullness. For a year I sat in the only seat that was not part of the circle. Each stanza seems a step in a different direction.... [tags: Creative Writing Essays] - Succession is defined as a directional change in community composition and structure over time (Gurevitch et al, 2002). In primary succession plants grow and colonize earth for the first time. In secondary succession plants inhabit and colonize earth that was once inhabited by plants life. When a disturbance in the environment occurs, such as a wildfire, either part or all of the community is destroyed.... [tags: essays research papers] - Free Essay on Ecology of a Cracker Childhood By reading Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, it is safe to assume that Janisse Ray, the main character, author, is one who doesn't conform and has a stubborn nature. For instance, when Ray wants to play football with the boys in her class at recess she gets angered when they tell her no she can not play with them; so instead of accepting their reply she jumps in the game anyway and tackles the boy with the football. The boys angry with the fact that their friend, a guy, got tackled by a girl went chasing after her.... [tags: Cracker] - Social Ecology versus Differential Association Which is a better theory of crime Social ecology or differential association. While both have good concepts I feel that both are somewhat flawed in their concepts of crime. But for the purposes of this paper I will chose differential association as the better predictor and concept for criminal behavior as a whole. Social ecology says that most criminal behavior is centered around those areas that are central to a neighborhood. So if a neighborhood is one of great social and economical pressures then crime is more prevalent in that area as this is true it is not true of all residents of that area.... [tags: Papers] - The Ecology of Jane Eyre: Surviving the Struggles Wild, calm, fierce, gentle, damaging, nurturing – nature, such an unpredictable force, can be paralleled with Charlotte Brontë’s novel Jane Eyre. Many of Jane Eyre’s characters resemble nature, and many of the novel’s events are supported or foreshadowed by occurrences in nature. Jane Eyre’s main character, Jane, is shown maturing from child to adult. Jane’s metamorphosis throws her from the fairytale escape she has created, into real life that she must adapt to in order to survive.... [tags: Essays Papers] - A common theme among the concerns of today’s American citizens is that of obesity. Obesity, identifiable by abnormal fat accumulation, can be defined in absolute terms by one who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30. It is estimated that over 30 percent of American adults are clinically obese. This number has shown a dramatic increase from the 15 percent of American adults suffering from obesity in 1980. These effects can be extended to include pairwise interactions between species (e.g. Globally, 400 million adults are obese, while predictions place this number at 700 million by 2015.... competition, mutualism, predator-prey), which is termed interspecific competition. To illustrate this concept and how it relates to resource limitations, the concept of predator-prey interactions will be discussed briefly. Gause conducted early experiments on simple species such as yeast and paramecia to examine simple species assemblages and determine theoretical conditions of resource abundance that might allow species to stably coexist (Gause 1934).... [tags: Communities, Systems] - An organism’s ability to survive is not limited to the number of resources available but even more importantly the organism’s ability to fight off infections. Immunity is one of the most important features an organism has to distinguish and protect itself against certain pathogens that could potentially be fatal to the organism. From the first line of defense such as skin and mucous membranes, an organism’s body is constantly fighting off antigens. Antigens are molecules from a pathogen or a foreign organism that provoke a specific immune response.... [tags: Research Analysis ] - Thich Nhat Hanh , the author of The World We Have: A Buddhist Approach to Peace and Ecology, is a Buddhist monk. He wrote this book to inform the people on Earth about the environmental issues we currently have. He believes that people in the world are like sleepwalkers, who are unaware about the environment. The same thing applied for human; everyone in this world is related and linked to each other like brothers and sisters.... [tags: buddhist monk, vietnam, imparmanence] - Writing a short article (maximum 1000 words) on the problems and complexities of using tracks and signs to determine presence (and absence) of mammal species (25%) In the field of ecology finding and identifying tracks and signs has always been one of the hardest job in that field. This is because a range of different problems can and most likely will occur. There are several ways to find animal tracking and signs. When looking for a particular species research will need to be conducted to know what habitats it will be spending most of its time at, this will narrow done the list of species when a footprint or sign has been found.... [tags: footprints, color] - Integrating Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology, and Environmental Policy Whose business is it to create a sustainable agriculture. How will knowledge systems required to support such an agriculture be developed and implemented. These pragmatic questions are addressed by the 14 contributors to this book. If in fact the agricultural community is beyond the stage of understanding and internalizing the need for the concept of an agriculture that can be sustained, then this book offers concrete suggestions for the types of research objectives and social and political decisions that must be followed in order to make sustainable systems a reality.... [tags: Agricultural Ecological Environmental Essays] - ABSTRACT What is the water quality in Covington Creek, Soos Creek, Jenkins Creek, Jenkins Pond Creek, and Jenkins Pond. Does the water quality meet or exceed the Washington State water quality criteria. Several parameters were sampled at each sample site. The sampled parameters at each creek and pond site were temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), p H, discharge, bank stability, and vegetation plots. Tests for the presence of nitrates and phosphates were also conducted. In addition to these tests, samples of benthic macroinvertebrates were collected.... Of these, he emphasizes the importance of bacteria, being most abundant, easily dispersed, and a great potential to colonize and contaminate. Steps must be actively taken to eliminate them, he says. As he notes, risks originate from the natural micro-flora of raw food material and or introduced in the course of harvesting/slaughter, processing, storage and distribution. They can essentially manifest in one of several ways: They can cause spoilage; they can cause foodborne illness; they can transform a foods property, even in beneficial ways.... [tags: risks, pathogens, factors] - European Animals The Major Part They Took In Forever Altering the Ecology of the Americas Although the Europeans presence in the Americas from 1492 to many years later caused drastic change in the environment, their part in forever altering the entire American ecosystem was minor when compared to the part of the true criminals: the European animals. The introduction of these European animals into the New World had the most destructive effects on the new environment and everlastingly altered the ecology of the Americas.... [tags: essays papers] - Hello Class, In Week 1, we studied environmental science and ecosystems and discussed the importance of environmental health. Your understanding will be deepened through building a firm foundation based on chemistry, energy flow through ecosystems, and physical laws governing matter. You will learn that environmental science is the lens through which multiple disciplines gain understanding about Earth’s ecosystems and how human behavior affects natural systems. The interface between humans and the natural world is the focus of environmental science.... [tags: environmental, economic, ecosystems, science] - Introduction Viruses are the most abundant organisms in the sea, with approximately ten billion in every litre of sea water(1, 2). Viruses are very small at generally 20-200nm, and have a simple structure consisting of genetic material with a protein coat, and sometimes a lipid envelope(2). Due to their simplicity, viruses rely on exploiting living cells and using the host’s cellular machinery to replicate(3). Irrespective of their size, viruses have been found to have a significant influence on many ecological processes and biogeochemical cycles in marine ecosystems(2, 4).... [tags: ocean ecology] - The study of ecology is currently primarily focused upon anthropogenic effects on ecosystems as well as feeding relationships; however, non-feeding interactions are also an important factor in understanding the balance of the ecosystem and identifying issues. White and Pickett defined it as “any relatively discrete event in time that disrupts ecosystem, community, or population structure and changes resources, substrate availability, or the physical environment” (White 1985).... These interactions are generally termed disturbances. [tags: Ecology, Ecosystems] - The Importance of Rangelands: Summer Lake Wildlife Area I. If asked, many people probably wouldn't know the answer since rangelands are so rarely discussed. However, Summer Lake Wildlife Area, a rangeland located in Oregon and managed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, preserves the habitat for a huge variety of wildlife and plant species, provides communities with environmental education, and can be utilized for recreational activities. Rangelands may not be well known, but they are extremely important and provide multiple, tangible benefits to the environment, wildlife, and local communities.... [tags: Environmental Management, Ecology] - According to the article Making Sense of Mount St. Helen’s in 1980 is what some would call a disturbance. Over thirty years after the eruption have passed, scientists and geologists are still trying to make sense of the destruction. Regardless of what may have caused the eruption, Mount St. Helen’s claimed the lives of fifty-seven individuals, who may forever rest in peace. When the 30th anniversary of the disaster came, visitors have a chance to visit the Johnson Ridge visitor center, much of whom survivors, relatives of the victims whose lives were claimed that day in May or some who are aged boy scouts whose camps were destroyed during the... [tags: survivors, ecology, nature] - ​“Given the serious worldwide dilemmas posed by population growth, why should we consider low fertility rate a problem? I think this question raises a big concern for the human species in general. If the number of people on this earth is declining, that isn't necessarily positive. It is exceptional to mention that population studies weren’t that widespread before the Second war. People weren’t involved regarding however a population grows. In truth their evolving population was thought-about a mathematical analysis instead of a demographic one.... [tags: human ecology, population, analysis] - Within the American system of government, there is an innate need for a structure or agency that develops strategy and maintains power. “Ecology” is a term used to describe living organisms and their interactions between their natural and developed environment and was first applied to the field of public administration by the late Professor John M. Using this view, the organization and its employees are like the structure of a living organism. The environment of the organization contributes to the establishment of the power that it will come to acquire or lose over its life.... [tags: Ecology, Agencies, Paths] - Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. It refers to the number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms. However, it also refers to the difference of the ecosystems on the planet such as rainforests, deserts, coral reefs and so on. This is all parts of a biologically diverse on the earth. The beauty of the country is made by the biodiversity on the earth. This can make the country became the most popular place to touristy, because of a wealth resource for the tourist sector that including the interesting animals and plants, a wonderful or fantastic place for tourist to explore and also scenic walks.... [tags: Ecology, Environmental Management] - Introduction The following article will focus on change in South Africa before and after 1994 and the disorganisation which it brought to South Africans. South Africa went through a serious of transitions in technology, ecology, the career world, economic progress, norms and value system and in the social and political framework, Prinsloo (1998). Change is mostly seen as a threat; as something negative and as something which is hard to adapt to, thus bringing disorganisation into a situation. In a study it was found that social change involves profound societal transformation that affect the course of history of a group thus bringing disorganisation, Auger, Crush, De la Sablonnie`re, Mc Dona... There are also Classified Facilities Inspectorates who are a group of people who monitor different industrial and agricultural facilities. The Inspectors make sure the facilities are in compliance with the environmental requirements. They are responsible for inspecting and monitoring the facilities, and informing the public about environmental risks and hazards. Facilities are issued different levels of permits based on the relative level of risk and the inspectors can then issue controls based on non-compliance.... [tags: ministry of ecology, inspectors] - Water is the main source of life on the Earth. It is vital for normal existence and functioning of organisms. Earth is sometimes called “water planet.” But, in fact, the number of freshwater is limited. “Only about 2 percent of the planet's water is fresh.” (How much water is there on Earth? ) This water is not enough even to meet daily needs of mankind. According to World Health Organization, “a lack of water to meet daily needs is a reality today for one in three people around the world.” (2009) In the Middle East the situation is especially hard.... [tags: Environmental Science Ecology] - Amphibian means “double life” referring to the fact that most adult amphibians live on land while embryos need water to survive. Some amphibians have been around since the Jurassic age; however the numbers of these long alive animals are declining around the world (Amphibia). As of 2010, 32% of the world’s 6600 amphibian species were threatened with extinction (Hayes, Falso, Gallipeau, Stice 2010). There is no single cause of the amphibian decline, but it seems that habitat loss, like deforestation, is the main reason along with human impact in terms of urbanization, forest fragmentation, predation, human exploitation, pathogens and climate change (Hayes, Falso, Gallipeau, Stice 2010).... This approach, currently in its second cycle, provides a whole-of-government view of actions to achieve environmental sustainability, is integrated into core federal planning and reporting, and is supported by a robust measurement strategy” (COG, 2014). The Ecological footprint “acknowledges that humanity is facing difficult challenges, makes them apparent, and directs action toward sustainable living” (Vamvakas, 2014). The formal definition of the ecological footprint briefly identifies the link and interconnectedness among the concept of sustainable development.... [tags: ecology, environment, preservation] - ABSTRACT This study was conducted in order to determine the parasitic infestations in snake head fish (channa striata) collected from Rawang region, Malaysia. In addition to the morphological data, molecular determinations was also done as to verify the parasites species. The intensity and prevalence of parasitic infestations was determine by examining all the fish collected. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was conducted to amplify the DNA of parasites. The primer used in this study, showed a proper amplified sequence which correlates to the morphological data.... [tags: Ecology ] - Introduction The hawksbill turtle Eretemochelys imbricata circumtropical is a species associated with coral reefs and other coastal habitats of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Colombian Caribbean. During their life cycle, the turtles migrate thousands of miles, traveling regularly to the high seas and territorial waters of different countries. Due to human pressures, bycatch in fishing gear industry, demand for the shell and the plaston for its handicrafts, the marketing of eggs, meat, oil and habitat degradation have made this species is critically endangered with extinction (IUCN, 1994).... [tags: Ecology] - Squamura celebensis Roepke is the most important pest among the stem borer on cocoa in Sulawesi, Indonesia. This insect destroy cushion and bark, and the damage may reduce significantly the productivity of cocoa. An experiment was conducted on a farm in Luwu regency to test the effect of treatment with nematodes isolated from cocoa longicorn borer on inhibiting of frass development and on killing of pest above. This treatment was done by spaying of 1000 nematodes to frass with long size of 1-5 cm, long size of 6-10 cm, and long size of 11-15 cm.... [tags: Ecology ] - Introduction: This paper will examine legal frameworks utilized by Australia to address overfishing in the Southern Ocean, specifically the Patagonian toothfish fishery around Heard Island and Mc Donald Islands, which is expected to potentially collapse within several years because of illegal fishing. This area is within Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone but is more than 4,000 kilometers from the nearest port, thus placing it far beyond the range of regulators and law enforcement. The area is also within the Southern Ocean, which falls under international legal frameworks, specifically the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources and the United Nations Convention... [tags: Ecology] - Whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (SOWS) is an ongoing issue despite laws and regulations prohibiting commercial hunting in these waters. Whaling fleets from Japan use scientific research to justify continued whaling in the Southern Ocean. Weak enforcement of the regulations set up in the SOWS has allowed countries, most notably Japan, to continue their hunts with little interference. If whaling continues in the SOWS, it may lead to irreversible effects to the ecosystem of the Southern Ocean.... [tags: Ecology] - Abstract: The fresh drinking water is basic need of every human being. With the increase in population the dependency on water resources increasing day by day which are all ready in scared. But the population expands on the banks of rivers, nalas, and lakes or on water ponds. Because in this they can easily access water and there sewerage enters in these water bodies. In this way the lakes and water resources polluted which are dangerous for the health of downstream population. The Rawal Dam is a key water supply resource for citizens of Rawalpindi and cantonment.... [tags: Ecology ] - Efficacy of Feratox® cyanide pellets to control introduced brushtail possums on Middle Island RESEARCH TRIAL PROTOCOL Animal Control Technologies in conjunction with Connovation (NZ) and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) February 2010 COMMERCIAL – IN – CONFIDENCE Not to be published or reproduced without the consent of the authors Table of Contents: 1. Executive Overview 3 1.1 Toxin welfare screening for possums: 4 1.2 Feratox® cyanide pellet possum bait: 5 1.3 Non target impacts: 6 2. Methods: 7 2.1 Site Selection: 7 2.2 Bait station use: 7 2.3 Free-feeding: 8 2.4 Bait application: Feratox® cyanide pellets: 8 2.5 Possum population monitoring: 8 2.5.1 Spotlight... [tags: Ecology] - Mango and guava are the most important and popular fruits in Egypt, the mango were considered the third major crop after citrus and grapes. According to the survey of ministry of agriculture of Egypt, the mango and guava trees occupy 102352& 30431 feddans, respectively producing about 325465 & 228814 tons mango and guava fruits, respectively. Due to the great damage can be done by the scale insects not only by sucking the plant sap that give low photosynthesis and respiration, which leads to curling, yellowing, dropping to leaves, so malformation, dwarfing and decreasing fruit production ( quality and quantity ),even plant death; but also due to the excretion of large amount of honey dew th... Find admissions requirements and deadlines for the University of Delaware. Essays. Submit an essay responding to the prompt on the Common Application.

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