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How To Write An Amazing Essay On Pokémon Go - YourTutor NEWS BRIEF Teens and nostalgic millennials have spent the past few days losing their minds over the reincarnation of Pokémon, the classic game and cartoon from the early 2000s, as a new mobile app that allows them to catch ’em all. But a handful of users in Missouri found another, more sinister purpose for the app over the weekend. Sunday, police in the city of O’Fallon responded to a report of an armed robbery. Aug 8, 2016. Here are two ques to help you produce a well structured, consistent piece of writing - whether it be a narrative, essay, report or other.

Pokémon GO' and Shared Healing An Essay By Simon Curtis - Fuse So as you've probably seen PETA and their violent Pokemon game that they created which shows how Pokemon supports animal creulty, they were very wrong in that argument. First off it's a game not real life and in it you battle other Pokemon or animals to make them faint or so. They can be healed at Pokemon centers and used potions on to heal. But Pokemon are not necessarily animals rather they are mythological creatures. Pokemon was founded upon the base of the creator and the idea behind it was the creator caught bugs as a child and watched them very carefully and saw what they did if they were put in the same confinement. Although many Pokemon resemble real creatures the designs of them look very different then what they actually are. And the Pokemon don't die in battle rather the fact they supposedly die due to ate which you can see in Lavender Town in the original games Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red. Although some theories have risen such as Gary or Blue's Raticate where it supposedly died after a fight on the SS Anne and wasn't healed on time. So Gary or Blue went to the Pokemon Tower to make it's grave or bury it and stayed there to battle you again. So it may seem true he could have found out about the storage system where he could just store all of his Pokemon and stored his Raticate cause it didn't perform well enough. So I hope you see that Pokemon does not support animal cruelty. Pokemon does support animal cruelty, mainly in the form of shaping how children view animals. Your first argument is that Pokemon is a game and not real life, however often children have many problems distinguishing reality and television. In a study of first grade children, it was found that children did not view television as a separate world. This means that children will not understand that Pokemon is just a game or television show and may mimic behavior. You're correct saying Pokemon resemble real animals, and this will lead to children not being able to tell the difference. A common Pokemon, Pidgey is identical to a typical bird. Even the names are identical, another bird Pokemon, Spearow closely resembles a sparrow. Rattata looks like a typical rat and the list goes on. In the game children are taught to put these Pokemon against each other in battle. In both the games and television show the violence is not hidden. Moves such as "Mega Punch" and "Hyper Fang" clearly illustrate a physical action that a child can understand and attempt to make their animals or pets repeat. Additionally, the Pokemon are able to "take" these attacks and this will teach children that animals can withstand abuse. The trainers let it happen and encourage their Pokemon to attack and keep going teaching children to do the same. Your argument that in the game Pokemon can be healed with potions or Pokemon centers and only faint is actually a con. This will lead children to the false impression that no matter how much abuse their animal takes it can be "healed". The problem only becomes worse when analyzing how aggressive behavior stays with an individual throughout their lifetime. Children who were aggressive when they were 8 years old were found to still be aggressive at age 30 (Huesman, 1984). Children will learn this aggressive behavior to animals and continue to display these characteristics into adulthood. My final point, is that young viewers will repeat actions they see. The infamous Bobo the Doll experiment is a good example of this. Young viewers who saw adults treating a doll violently repeated the actions towards the doll. Those who saw the doll treated kindly, actually did treat the doll kindly. Much more research has built on this original experiment (Heath, 1986). Alright so you said you'd rather have Pokemon be deemed dead after battling rather then simply healed? In summation children are heavily influenced by what they see, and Pokemon displays violence and cruelty towards mythological creatures that closely resemble animals. And also there are lots of other Pokemon besides pidgey like Ditto or Muk that are inanimate objects that are not resembled to animals rather than Pokemon that are. Children can't separate reality from Pokemon and may carry these tendencies into adulthood, leading to animal cruelty. Also, you stated that children can't tell the difference between both worlds and replicate things but, do you have evidence of them replicating Pokemon? On to my points, firstly it is stated that Pokemon like to battle and share bonds with their trainers such as in the anime and Ash and his little Pikachu are the main standpoints of the TV show and it shows how they bond and everything. Also, Pokemon rewards people for hard work and dedication. It teaches kids to never give up and follow your dreams as the Pokemon master. When you complete the game in the hall of fame it shows your hard work and dedication and that it all paid off and the bonds you have with your Pokemon. And my final point is Pokemon encourages bonds with your Pokemon like the recent addition with the new X and Y games called Pokemon Amie. And in Pokemon Amie you get to bond and play with your little Pokemon so they like you and perform better. Some Pokemon even evolve through it and getting lots of affection. Basically everyone that I talk to that plays Pokemon never thought of messing with animals to replicate it. Although hyper fang seems like a real life move there are so many other moves like trick room or dark pulse that could never be replicated. So as you see Pokemon encourages people to bond with animals rather then attacking them. I never said I'd rather have Pokemon dead however that would be more beneficial for helping children understand the consequences of animal abuse. I understand that there are Pokemon such as the ones you mentioned that don't resemble real animals, but there still are animals that do. It's the Pokemon that do (Pidgey, Rattata, Pikachu, Spearow, Butterfree, Beedrill, Squirtle) that emulate animal cruelty. The studies I presented are not Pokemon specific but do show that children struggle to separate reality and television and also like to imitate what they see. You have presented no evidence declaring the contrary. As for Pokemon related incidents, there were several in Turkey, of children hurting themselves thinking they were characters from the show. This does not prove animal cruelty but shows that children can have difficulties understanding Pokemon as a show and not real life. The show supports bonding with Pokemon, however the bond is built by the trainer supporting their Pokemon through the abuse. If trainers truly loved their Pokemon and were compassionate for them they wouldn't put them through battle where they clearly experience pain. Pokemon may "enjoy" battling in the show but this doesn't transfer to real life animals. I imagine you would not recommend people bond with their pets by putting them in cage matches. It doesn't matter how much training and hard work you go through with your dog you should not have your dog fight against others. Teaching children about hard work and dedication is irrelevant to the argument, this about influence of animal cruelty, not positive vs. Your refutation saying that everyone you talked to is problematic, as if they ever did think of replicating it with animals they probably would not admit that to you and you probably have a low sample size, only testing people from where you live. If you have any academic papers that are peer reviewed to defend your position please present them. Finally, there are moves that are unrealistic but again they do not take away from the ones that can easily be replicated. So you've failed to bring up the Pokemon Amie topic. And also there are other things in Pokemon such as contests which simulate completions that animals have in real life and there is also Poke Wood studios in Black and White 2 where trainers can dress up and film movies with their Pokemon. Also there's many Pokemon spin off games that further support the trainers and bonds with their Pokemon showing they love and care for them. Games like Pokemon Channel and Pokemon Ranch are where you take care with your little creatures and have fun with them and play with them. Further more there are also lots of other games like Pokemon Snap where you study and take pictures of the fascinating mythological creatures called Pokemon. And look what PETA did with their spinoff of the game. They purposely made Pokemon look bad with out bringing in any of the details where Pokemon is good and just said trainers yap at their Pokemon who don't want to battle. Also you only brought up one incident of Pokemon actually supporting it where a few kids were hurting each other as if they were characters in the show whereas there are many other incidents of other shows encouraging animal creulty. Pokemon does not support animal creulty and I hope all the readers and you have come to realize the fact that it doesn't. Jul 13, 2016. The curious effect of Pokémon GO, a cultural phenomenon in the face. laughing, sharing tips, and expressing our amazement that this was a.

Pokemon Go Essay - Introduction Launched in Japan in 1996, Pokémon became one of the world’s most popular children’s entertainment properties, with trading cards, stuffed animals, cartoons, videogames, action figures, and related merchandise all contributing to its brand. It is has seen multiple waves of popularity; first becoming immensely popular when it was first introduced, then seeing another resurgence in popularity in the 2010s. Most of the so-called millennials are familiar with Pokémon as are members of younger generations, and many of them have a special place for Pikachu, Ash Ketchum and the other iconic Pokémon figures. Parents have been drawn to Pokémon for their children because of how the game encourages strategy and also encourages children to use their math skills. However, aside from a small group of diehard Pokémon fanatics, Pokémon has long been considered a children’s entertainment property with a relatively small adult following. That changed in July 2016, with the release of the wildly popular game Pokémon Go! was actually launched by Niantic Labs, a company partially owned by Google. It rapidly became the most popular smartphone game in history; “Apple said the game had more downloads in its first week than any other app in history. 2 In fact, the game is so popular that one in ten Americans plays it on a daily basis. 3 A3: The citation for this reference is simply Id., which means that it is the exact same reference, including page number where applicable, as the reference immediately preceding it in the footnotes or endnotes. The game was developed by John Hanke, owner of Niantic and an employee of Google who had previously been responsible for launching the wildly popular GPS driven site, Google Earth. When Google was considering shutting down Niantic, Hanke asked if he could seek outside investors. Google assented, retaining a little less than 30% ownership of the company. Hanke then approached Nintendo and the Pokémon Company, seeking permission to use Pokémon in a mobile gaming application. The game combines familiar Pokémon characters and concepts, such as the fighting of Pokémon characters, training those characters, and trading them between players, with the augmented reality concept that Hanke and Niantic first experimented with in their game Ingress. Pokémons can be located anywhere, and, as a person goes to more locations, they are likely to find more Pokémons. Augmented Reality In order to understand how Pokémon Go! To catch a Pokémon, a player throws a Poké Ball at the virtual reality figure that appears as part of the augmented reality of the game. works, it is critical to understand the concept of augmented reality. Geo-caching may be the world’s first augmented reality game, though it does not require the use of smart-phones or other electronic devices. If a player runs out of supplies in their virtual backpack, they can replenish at PokéStops. Augmented reality allows video game players in virtual worlds to interact with the real world by mapping that game to the real world. Other popular augmented reality games include: Ingress; Zombies, Run! All of these games use your actual surroundings as part of the game, and, depending on the technology of the application allow you to interact with the game in those surroundings. In addition, Pokémon are more likely to congregate around PokéStops, making them good places to congregate in order to play the game. PokéStops are likely to be located in places with lots of foot traffic, such as malls, parks, churches, museums, and other busy places. The Benefits of Pokémon Go While many critics were quick to deride the game as a silly fad, it has some undeniable pros that its fans are quick to point out to naysayers. The most obvious benefit is that the game encourages physical activity. Most video games are static, requiring users to sit still for relatively long periods of time in order to complete the game. is, by design, a game that encourages movement and exploration. Players must get out and interact with the larger world in order to catch the elusive Pokémon. Parents marvel at the game’s ability to motivate otherwise sedentary children and teens to get out and get active, even in the oppressive summer heat. “Augmented reality is slightly different than virtual reality because it doesn’t transport you into a new space but keeps you in the real world…Pokémon Go! Movement, the benefits are not limited to encouraging movement. harnesses the power of augmented reality in a different way by giving people incentives for people to Go! out and explore.” When players find other players, they have real world interactions, increasing socialization. There even is speculation that the game, or games like it, could be used to encourage people with anxiety, depression, or other disorders to leave their homes and interact with people. Furthermore, many popular video games focus on themes or characters that are frightening or violent. The Pokémon characters are non-realistic appearing, non-threatening characters that pose no threat to players or other characters in the game. While the Pokémon fight, their battles are essentially non-violent, and the Pokémons can defeat, but do not cause physical damage to, one another. The Negatives of Pokémon Go While the game may be mostly positive, it is impossible to ignore some of the negatives that have occurred as a result of the game. While the use of public space is great for game players, it has become a nuisance for some of the people who work in those public spaces. For example, the game was released close to the same time that police officers were killed in a series of ambushes in the United States. However, police stations were frequently designated as PokéStops, which increased the risk of unidentified people lurking in or around police stations. has been sighted as the cause of distracted driving that has led to several major car accidents. as a way to target potential victims and then rob them of their smartphones and other valuables when they arrive at PokéStops. There have been several shootings associated with Pokémon Go; most of these have been by other people shooting at players, usually because those players are trespassing; though armed players have defended themselves against potential assailants. Distracted players have received injuries; most notably, two young men fell off of a cliff while playing the game. While these serious problems have occurred, the more prevalent problem with Pokémon Go! If internet memes are any indication, educators and employers are noticing that students and workers are failing to do their work because they are busy playing the game. In addition, one imagines that obsessions with the game is the source of conflict in many homes and relationships. However, it would be very short-sighted to assume that the game is negative because of a few instances of violence, associated accidents, and incidents of bad behavior. Given the extreme popularity of the game, it would be far more surprising if it was not associated with some negatives, despite its overall positive impact in the lives of most of the people playing the game. A4: When you choose to include footnotes or endnotes for references in your paper, you should still include a reference list at the end of your paper, which lists all of your resources in alphabetical order. May 16, 2017. This essay which discusses the recent reality game fad Pokemon Go is a total of 1218 words. 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Pokemon Essay Brand New and Mega Viral Pokemon Go In this digital world in which we live, it is hard to get away from cell phones, tablets, and other portable digital devices. Within these devices we find entertainment, connectivity to friends and family, and tools valuable to business interactions. Here at Ultius, we've published numerous sample essays, case studies and research papers on technology and gaming, and related orders from our clients continue to pour in every day. Although more typical prompts would be ordering a sample essay on , research on gaming applications is growing in popularity as well. It is definitely safe to assume that most people who own digital devices have played games on them and that lately, most of them seen to be playing Pokemon Go. But that's not the only one, some of the more popular mobile games currently riveting the masses include: But what happens when you mix this mobile game boom with one of the world’s most beloved trading card games? Millions are traipsing across the globe chasing after their favorite Pokémon characters and the growing popularity is nothing short of astonishing. According to , Magic: The Gathering was the first trading card game ever published. On 2 September 1997, Richard Garfield, inventor of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, was awarded US patent 5,662,332 (A) for “the trading card game method of play.” This was the first trading card game patent ever awarded. The patent defines the TCG as “a novel method of game play and game components that in one embodiment are in the form of trading cards (10, 12, 40, 42, 44, 48, 54, 60, 64)." ()It was the first of its kind to offer people intense gaming, with the option to collect cards that began to generate tremendous monetary value. Since then, there has been an uprising of trading card games that have caused people around the world to flock to comic stores, game tables, and other venues in order to pull out their dice and cards and play hard. Some of the top trading card games to date include: In order to better understand Pokémon Go, a look into the history of the original Pokémon trading card game will provide some basic information on the game. The Pokémon Trading Card Game was originally published in Japan in 1996 by . While other Pokémon card series existed in the past, this was the first card game based on the Pokémon series. The first Pokémon TCG sets took inspiration from the then released Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue video games and initially featured illustrations by Ken Sugimori, Mitsuhiro Arita and Keiji Kinebuchi. Soon new expansions began to release with many new artists contributing artwork. Three years later in 1999, Pokémon TCG was introduced in North America by )In light of children's access to violent video games, parents and teachers didn't discourage the trading card game. There have been thousands of cards developed since the games inception, which include a vast array of characters. There were 150 of these original characters to be precise. These characters include: Before Pokémon Go entered the picture, it was released as a franchise of video games. The Pokémon franchise has grown from pocket-sized to monstrously huge since its 1996 debut. Twenty years after the first pair of Now that we have a clearer understanding of what Pokémon is, how it began, and how popular it is it’s time to dive into Pokémon Go. Alex Abad-Santos of tells us some important things everyone who is interested in the game should know. It’s specifically a mobile game, a operating systems, Pokémon Go uses your device’s ability to track time and your location, and allows you to catch Pokémon the same way as in the original game — by virtually launching red and white "Poké Balls" at them. (Abad-Santos)Even with its faults, I can see why people enjoy Pokémon Go — it’s cute and nostalgic (if I ever get a Psyduck, I might have a meltdown), and it prods you to leave your house and go out into the world (Tajiri’s fundamental plan). I also appreciate that the game is reportedly helping people with their mental health by encouraging them to spend time outside and be more social. (Abad-Santos)As with any digital activity these days, there is always, of course, the risk of cyber crime. For example the recent security breaches at Spotify and other media streaming sites immediately comes to mind, but there is really little to worry about when it comes to playing Pokemon Go. On safety, Abad-Santos conveyed the following: Pokémon Go is a lot like texting. Its augmented reality setting that uses your smartphone camera is distracting; even though you’re theoretically paying close attention to your surroundings, you’re doing so through a camera lens with the aim of spotting and catching Pokémon all around you. The physical activity of Pokémon Go is definitely a plus in the eyes of those concerned about the effects of video games on children's health, but remember, crossing the street into traffic or walking into the ocean are both distinct possibilities with this game. (Abad-Santos)Though it’s not technically cheating, the app offers in-game purchases that allow you to spend real money on items like lures and incense that will help you catch more Pokémon more often. And remember, as pointed out by another Ultius freelance writer in a blog we published for those interested in buying a sample case study, the average gaming age is 31 and climbing (Ultius)! These purchases can enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of procuring a desired Pokémon, giving you an advantage over people who are just playing the game for free. Even though most people view Pokémon Go as just a game, there have been some concerns and praises that have been expressed in regards to game play. reveals that: Amid the game craze, there have also been suggestions that the app can help people with depression and social anxiety. While it’s too early in the game to know whether Pokémon Go will help long-term with the treatment of anxiety or depression, the game has been able to encourage people to go outside, walk, and interact more socially. The app has the potential to benefit people who would not otherwise be motivated or able to leave the house due to fear or anxiety. (Wei)Some of the pros of the game include: Click here to read more on technology and social media addictions and afflictions. Pokémon has more than proven itself in the world of entertainment and gaming. The Pokémon franchise started out as an outlet for trading card game gurus and video game enthusiasts has evolved into a way for many to become more connected with the world and people around them. While Pokémon Go is a fun and interactive game, it does have many positive and negative benefits to those who play. "A Chronological History of Pokémon Games." Vox Media. It is safe to say that the game is getting people off the couch, out from under their television sets, and making them take more notice to their environments. Caution should always be taken when keeping such a close eye on your cell phone when out on the street. Respect the rules of the different places you visit on your journey. Keeping those things in mind: Ready, Set, Pokémon Go! "9 Questions about Pokémon Go You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask." . "First Trading Card Game Patent." Guinness World Records. Sep 16, 2016. Pokémon Go Essay The New Viral Activity of Unexpected Magnitude. effect of cooperation on increased helping and decreased aggression.

Mariners Trade Four Prospects For David This summer has been remarkable with the launch of Pokémon Go. You’ve probably spend lots of days outdoors enjoying good weather and catching the Pokémon species. We bet you’ve made new friends in the game’s craze, won a bunch of battles, and gained lots of points. Now, as the summer’s at its close and the school year approaching, you are wondering if you can continue playing Pokémon Go. Don’t worry, we have several tips that will help you both stay in the game and achieve your academic goals. How to keep on having fun and stay focused on your college activities at the same time? At a first glance, it might sound as a Byzantine task, but as you follow the tips, you’ll see that everything is doable. Your time management skills are what stand between your obligations as a student and your wants as a human being. If you’ve neglected them so far, you might have trouble even getting the homework done in time without any side activities. So, start planning your time on a daily basis, make a calendar of activities for a week ahead, and follow your plan closely. Analyze your previous experience and decide how much time you really need for your homework. How much time per day would be enough for you not to lag behind in Pokémon Go? Before the tough stuff has begun at your college, you have a chance to learn to do your homework much-much faster. Attending a speed reading course might be one of the ways to do that. It will help you to read the information up to 5 times faster. Alternatively, you can practice skimming, which will let you read 900 or more words per minute (while the normal reading speed is about 250 wpm). However, you need to bear in mind that it’s not always appropriate, especially if you are learning new complex information. In any case, a speed reading skill would be of extreme use to any student. Some students manage to minimize the time spent on homework outside classes. Learn to use every spare minute to do a bit of assignments. Use the break between classes to do as much as you can, or try to do your class assignments faster, so that you have a couple of minutes for your homework. You’ll see how, by the end of the school day, your home tasks will shrink dramatically — so when you’ll arrive home, all you’ll need to do are a few final touches, and you’re free to play! You surely have other classmates who love Pokémon Go as much as you, who also want to spend more time playing the game. Together, you could cooperate on your homework to finish it sooner and continue your Pokémon quest together. For instance, you can choose time and place when you’ll do homework together, or split the reading among you, and then exchange the information while playing. When you haven’t played your favorite game in a while, and the assignments seem to be piling up, you can ask for external help. For instance, you might save time by requesting a sample essay or an outline from the experienced writers. You could also have your papers edited and proofread—which also saves a lot of time. Just be sure that you don’t submit a sample paper as your own — remember that true Pokémon masters don’t cheat! Do you have other activities that you’ve gotten attached to during the sweet school-free times? Have you binge-watched Netflix or spent hours on Facebook or Snapchat? Think of your favorite leisure activity which brings you the most satisfaction and relief, and make it a priority. Pokémon Go has lots of benefits as compared to other pastimes: it makes you go out and spend time in the fresh air, it allows you socialize with other by going on Pokémon quests together or by competing with them. Just don’t sacrifice an hour of workouts or lunchtime for the sake of the game! You can easily get your wants and needs met when both studying and playing Pokémon Go. What it takes is only to plan and manage your non-school hours effectively, find a way to speed up your homework process, and prioritize your leisure activities. We still advise you to pay attention to the quality of your home assignments, don’t sacrifice it for the sake of a game. Let spending time with your Pokémons be a pleasant reward for all your hard working. Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto is feeling bullish about his team, judging by the medium-interesting trade he made today for reliever David Phelps, which will send four low.

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